Sabor Peruano
We are about to open again!!!


Van Ostadestraat 352-354
1073 TZ Amsterdam

Opening Hours

Tue - Wed: 17:00h - 23.00h

Thu - Sat: 17:00h - 23.00h

Sundays & Mondays: closed


We only take online reservations.

For urgencies please call +31 20 223 49 01

We offer two shifts per evening

Parties are restricted to max 4 persons, unless the party is a shared private household

We serve a set four-course menu with a few options. Please check our menu for more info


Please note we only accept debit and credit cards, no cash


NAZKA will finally reopen in June! We can't wait to welcome our guests again and treat them to the finest Peruvian cuisine in Amsterdam. Bienvenido!

Peruvian cuisine has gained worldwide recognition through its unique blend of Japanese, Chinese, Criollo and Andean food traditions, spiced with exotic flavors from Peru's vastly varied ecosystems, ranging from the Altiplano and the rugged Andes to the lush Amazon forest and the arid coast.

While Peruvian restaurants sprung up everywhere, The Netherlands and Amsterdam strangely enough were left out in the cold. We are happy to bring modern Peruvian gastronomy to Amsterdam, and judging by the reviews, our guests could not agree more.

sabor de la vida


NAZKA is the expression of our love for Peru, our pais natal and ancestral land. Our kitchen showcases both Peruvian classics and innovative dishes that build on Peru's heritage.

At the core of NAZKA lies the notion of Sabor de la Vida: The surge of joy when sharing delicious food and drinks with friends and family in a warm atmosphere. How life itself is celebrated through food latino-style... Buen provecho!


Raul Lansink & Christian Motte

Having lived most of his life in the Netherlands, Peru was nevertheless an enduring presence in Raul's childhood years through the food traditions his mother preserved. Going on family visits to Lima meant sitting at extended family dinners where his grandmother would preside over an endless array of delicious Criollo dishes. Memories may fade, but the spicy smells from his abuelita's kitchen Raul would never forget.

After a distinguished career in advertising and consultancy, Raul decided it was time to reembrace his roots and launch the first fine dining Peruvian restaurant in Amsterdam.

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