Sabor Peruano
Contemporary Peruvian cuisine


Peruvian cuisine

Peruvian cuisine has gained worldwide recognition through its unique blend of Japanese, Chinese, Criollo and Andean food traditions, spiced with exotic flavors from Peru's vastly varied ecosystems, ranging from the Altiplano and the rugged Andes to the lush Amazon forest and the arid coast.

While Peruvian restaurants sprung up everywhere, The Netherlands and Amsterdam strangely enough were left out in the cold. We are happy to bring modern Peruvian gastronomy to Amsterdam, and judging by the reviews, our guests could not agree more.

sabor a tu vida


NAZKA is the expression of our love for Peru, our pais natal and ancestral land. Our kitchen showcases Peruvian classics such as the ceviche and innovative interpretations of the Peruvian culinary traditions.

At the core of NAZKA lies the notion of Sabor a tu Vida:  We offer a taste of The Good Life, triggering your senses with our abundant flavors, colors, and Latin-flavored ambiance. At NAZKA, you realize what live is about – fully, shamelessly enjoy it with great food, family and friends. Buen provecho!


NAZKA is home turf to a close-knit team of diverse people who are passionate about hospitality and Latin-Peruvian cooking. Their collective aim is to create the best Latin dining experience in The Netherlands and beyond.

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Van Ostadestraat 352-354
1073 TZ Amsterdam

Opening Hours February

Tuesday to Saturday: 18.00h - 24.00h

Menu & Reservations

We offer a four-course or six-course menu with a number of options

We only take online reservations

For urgencies call +31 20 223 49 01 or send an email to


Please note we only accept debit and credit cards, no cash

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